When I first met George I could tell almost immediately that he was both confident and honest.
........ I went to the dressing room with a few key pieces and George was bringing me things that I
wouldn’t have thought to put together myself.  It was one of the most stress free shopping
experiences I’ve ever had.

George doesn’t push, but he does know what will work for you, so it’s always worth trying out
what he’s recommending. If I’m not sure about an outfit or piece, it goes back. I know he’ll find
something else.  In fact, he’s often called me weeks later to tell me about a sweater or scarf he’s had
some store put aside for me.

I’ve used George several times to help me sort through my closet when the seasons change. He
brings his trademark confidence and honesty to that task as well. The first time he came in he
acquiesced on a couple of sentimental items, but 8 or 9 garbage bags later, I was convinced my
closet would be bare. However, by putting things together in a logical way, and by explaining
multiple, simple options, he gave me three times the closet space with four times the things to
wear.  I was initially looking at this service as a luxury, but I’ve come to realize it’s no luxury at
all.  He’s made my mornings so much easier and he’s helped me to feel more confident all day long.

Dana Sullivan
Business Administrator
Montclair Public Schools
Client Testimonials
George's abilities have been a major factor in enhancing my confidence in terms of my dress for
work and in my personal life.  His quick assessment and ability to retain the details of my clothing
needs and my inventory is uncanny.  George is direct, creative, practical and responsive.  I can
count on him.

By building a foundation of wardrobe essentials, there is significantly less of a spend needed  each
season.  I have been a client for over 4 years and have had George work with my two daughters,
recommended him to friends and families and had him sponsor corporate work events which have
grown and my company has repeatedly asked him back.

There are so few personal services I can point to that have such have an immediate and yet lasting
effect.  I just feel happier having the right outfit for a wedding, a conference or a workable yet
stylish casual wardrobe.  George has impacted my life in ways I hadn't expected....I hope you have
the opportunity to do the same.

Michele A.
Financial Services Executive
Learn great tips from George
on organizing your
wardrobe to help save you
time and money each season.
George Gage Jr
The Thoroughly Engaged Stylist
Image Consulting & Personal Shopping in The New York Metro Area
I first met George approximately 5 years ago.  Although I would like to believe that I had a sense
of style before George, let's just say that it has been greatly enhanced over the ensuing years. I
have come to rely upon him exclusively whenever I need to update my wardrobe -- be it personal
or professional.  My friends and co-workers know of this little "secret," and, whenever I look
particularly put together, they always ask if George selected the outfit.  Invariably, he did.

Not only does George have a great sense of style himself, he knows what looks good on his clients.  
He is fun, engaging, and an absolute pleasure to work with.  Perhaps more importantly, he is
thoroughly honest about what styles will and will not work for his clients based on their age,body
shape, etc.  That quality, unfortunately, is all to rare in the sales profession.I still might fight
George on animal prints and navy, but little by little, he is showing me the benefits of selecting
clothes "outside of my comfort zone."

I meet with George several times a year.  He has become both my confidante as well as my stylist,
and I consider myself very fortunate to count him as a friend.  As such, I would be remiss if I did
not mention that almost every time I see him, at least one person rushes up to tell him that a
friend has recommended him because he "changed her life."  He certainly did mine.

Stephanie Cohen
McCarter & English, LLP