Looking the part is the first step in becoming the part. So
dress for where you are going not where you are at!!!!

Your wardrobe is by its very nature an extension of you.
every morning when you walk out of the house you should project
a clean crisp image from head to toe. This involves dressing
appropriately, layering correctly, wearing accessories and having
applied makeup, doing your hair and having your nails manicured.

Work clothes should be fun, transitional and yet professional. By
this I mean that a great silk sleeveless top can be worn to work
provided you wear either a jacket or a sweater, and then removed
for a romantic evening at dinner with your boyfriend or husband or

There are three A’s that I'd like you to think about when
select/developing your sense of style for work.

The Three A’s

In his presentation Dressing for Success, George hopes to clarify
the confusion behind the oxymoronic phrase “business casual,”
while also touching upon the essential trends for the current season.
He will speak towards the staples every woman should own as well
as addressing the items that are never work appropriate.   He
intends to elucidate the most complimentary colors for one’s skin
tone and alleviate any misconceptions that petite and plus sized
shoppers face.

George can help you project a
professional and polished image.
Feel confident, stylish and
pulled together.
Bring your personal style into focus!

Queens College: Career Day - Successful Business Style 4/10
McCarter & English: Successful Style 3/09
Prudential: Diversity Forum - Dressing for Success 11/08
Queens College: Career Day- What is business Casual?  4/08
Prudential:  Making A Lasting Impression 4/08
KPMG Dress for Success 3/08
KPMG Fall Fashion Trends 11/07
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